The Granada Health Technology Park

PTS Granada is one of the few technology sites specialized in health in Europe. It covers an area of 625,000 m², housing its four main axes: Research, Teaching, Patient Care and Business Development.


PTS Granada is host to the new Medicine and Health Science Faculties, as well as the General Services building of the University. In addition, the Faculties of Dentistry and Pharmacy are established there, completing a University Campus of about 7.000 students.

Also in the Teaching area, the “Advanced Multifunctional Center for Simulation and Technological Innovation” (CMAT) is a unique center in Europe for the training of health care professionals, using the latest technologies in simulation and robotics.


The University Hospital “Campus de la Salud” is a modern building with state of the art facilities spread over 8 floors, with 700 beds, 27 operating rooms, 132 consultation rooms and a heliport on the roof of the building.

The PTS also houses the provincial 061 Emergency Service, which coordinates medical emergencies in the healthcare Andalusian district.


The first project promoted by the PTS was the business incubator, known as BIC Granada. This center is a space dedicated to the creation and consolidation of technology-based companies specializing in health and ICT. Over the last ten years, a significant number of innovative technology-based companies have been set up in the centre.

The PTS favourable environment is also attracting global companies looking for cutting-edge infrastructure and special support for R&D. Abbott, MSD, Pfizer, Unit 4, Telefónica R&D or Rovi Pharmaceuticals are examples of such success.


The PTS has placed Granada at the forefront of biomedical research through specialized, prestigious centers, such as:

- “López Neyra” Parasitology and Biomedicine Institute, for new therapeutic strategies and diagnostic procedures for immune and infectious diseases.
- Functional Food Research and Development Center (CIDAF), specialized in the functional foods and nutraceuticals field in collaboration with the agro-food industry.
- MEDINA Foundation, Center of Excellence for Research into Innovative Medicines
- Center for Genomics and Oncological Research (Genyo): research on the genetic basis of diseases, including cancer, as well as on the influence of genetic inheritance in the body's response to certain drugs
- Biomedical Research Center (CIBM), home to highly qualified Institutes in Biotechnology, Neuroscience, Nutrition and Regenerative Medicine, and which is also the headquarters of the Biobank of the Andalusian Public Health System.
- Institute of Legal Medicine
- Sports and Health Institute
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Collaborative projects
The collaborative projects bring together at least two transnational partners (academic or industrial) from France, Spain and Portugal.
They aim at setting up innovations in the oncology field.

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