The ONCO Emergence Forum



  • Liquid biopsies and biomarkers in solid tumours, new diagnostic approaches and implication in clinical studies
  • Microbiome and cancer
  • Access to biobanks and biological samples in Europe
  • Cancer aggressiveness: understanding the specificity of aggressive cancers in research, diagnosis, treatment and patient care
  • Big data and Bioinformatics
  • Innovation, research, funding and market 


The ONCO Emergence Forum was a networking conference in Oncology, which gathered over 150 participants from university research centres, private companies, R&D institutions, associations and agencies, and governmental organisations.

The aim of this event was to offer a networking platform, in the form of thematic panel sessions, roundtable discussions and B2B meetings, where new collaborative projects could arise in the framework of Oncology in the SUDOE region. It allowed participants to showcase their projects, share expertise, practices and research results with one another, fostering communication and the exchange of best practices.

There were over 40 speakers and a total of 80 B2Bs, including experts in cancer diagnostic and treatment, clinical studies and bioinformatics. With key speakers such as Patrice DENEFLE, Director of the institute of research and transnational medicine ROCHE, who launched the event and with Professor Roland BUGAT as the kick off of the meeting, there were many interesting and inspiring sessions to participate in.

Noteworthy topics of the event included the microbiome and cancer, access to biobanks and biological samples in Europe, new diagnostic approaches and involvement in clinical studies, treatment and patient care, big data and bioinformatics; and innovation, research, funding and markets amongst many others. 


The event website and agenda of the two days can be found here:


Click here for Speaker’s presentations.


If you attended the event and you are currently putting together collaborative projects thanks to a meeting you had at the event – please take a few minutes to complete this questionnaire:

Support for collaborative projects


About the participants:


                                         The next edition: ONCO Emergence Forum – Barcelona – 21, 22 June, 2018


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