Southwest Europe against cancer

Coordinated by the Université Toulouse III Paul Sabatier, ONCONET SUDOE is a transnational project co-financed by the INTERREG SUDOE Programme 2014-2020, under the priority axis “Promoting research, technological development, and innovation”. It seeks to connect researchers, care providers, biobanks and companies to set long-term relationships that foster innovation in the oncology sector.

Main objectives


To raise awareness of, to inform on the importance of nutrition in preventing cancer, for the treatment and reintegration into normal life


To use epigenetic to support diagnosis, prognosis and treatment through the development of new non-invasive biomarkers


To explore innovations in molecular therapy, in digital methods of pharmacovigilence and in data processing techniques in healthcare (Big Data)


To identify new practices existing in each region and to facilitate interdisciplinary public-private partnerships.

Interreg Sudoe Program


The INTERREG SUDOE Programme promotes transnational cooperation in order to correct the imbalances between regions in Southwest Europe in terms of investment in research and innovation and to strengthen the networks in sectors of excellence.

Moreover, cancer represents one of the main concerns of public healthcare in every member state of the European Union, the promotion of equal access to care and treatment is a serious challenge of the states' public policies.

Faced with such social and territorial challenges, the INTERREG SUDOE Programme supports ONCONET SUDOE project through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Project Activities

Within the frame of 4 Work packages, several activities are being developed to contribute to transnational cooperation to solve common problems in the southwestern region of Europe.

4 Technical Work Packages

3 Transversal Work Packages



21 June 2018 - 22 June 2018 / Barcelona, Spain


The ONCO Emergence Forum is a networking conference that aims to promote the development of transnational collaborative projects in Oncology, by facilitating communication between research laboratories, hospitals, private companies and other R&D organisations.

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Collaborative projects
The collaborative projects bring together at least two transnational partners (academic or industrial) from France, Spain and Portugal.
They aim at setting up innovations in the oncology field.

About Onconet Sudoe

Goal To facilitate coordination in the management of patients being treated for cancer

Challenge To reduce the impact and prevalence of cancerous diseases


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