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The ONCO Emergence Forum Barcelona


The ONCO Emergence Forum was a networking conference that aimed to promote the development of transnational collaborative projects in Oncology, by facilitating communication between research laboratories, hospitals, private companies and other R&D organisations.

The event was geared towards researchers, postgraduate students, hospital staff, project managers, businesspeople and company representatives and anyone interested in sharing their projects, expertise, exchanging practices and research results with other participant. This event was organised as part of the Onconet Sudoe project, co-funded by the Interreg Sudoe program. This project was created to establish a permanent network of excellence in Oncology by mobilizing healthcare stakeholders in southwestern Europe in prevention, diagnosis, care and translational research.

The ONCO Emergence Forum (the second of this project) was held at held at Fira Gran Vía in Barcelona, ​​June 21st and 22nd , 2018, and was organized by BiocatAll the activities were open to all, free of charge. Please find the agenda and more event information here:

The programme included a panel discussions, scientific talks, brainstorming sessions, B2B meetings and poster presentations. Over 150 participants from the SUDOE region (Spain, France, and Portugal) and beyond attended.

  • Liquid biopsies and biomarkers
  • Microbiome and cancer
  • Access to biobanks and biological samples in Europe
  • Aggressiveness of cancer
  • Big Data and Bioinformatics for Data in Oncology
  • Innovation, research, financing and markets

A key feature of this event was the TECH TRANSFER COMPETITION! The aim of this session was to promote alliances and the generation of collaborative projects from hospitals and academia to other stakeholders. Twelve selected participants presented their innovative projects in a 7-minute pitch to an experienced panel of judges.

NANOLIGENTthe spin off created by the Directors of NANBIOSIS Units U1. Protein Production Platform (PPP), Antoni Villaverde and U18. Nanotoxicology Unit, Ramón Mangues, together with Esther Vázquez and Manuel Rodriguez, was awarded with the First Prize.


Winner of Tech Transfer Competition  Nanoligent´s project is about antimetastatic medication for colorectal cancer and its business model is carrying out a first clinical trial which demonstrates the efficacy of the medication in humans and allows the company to sign a license agreement with a pharmaceutical company.

For pictures of the event please click here.

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