Fundacio Privada Bioregio de Catalunya (BIOCAT)

BIOCAT is the organization that coordinates dynamize and promotes biotechnology, biomedicine and medical technology sectors in Catalonia.

It is fostered by the Government of Catalonia and the Barcelona City Council and, since it was created in 2006, has included companies and organizations from this sector in its governing bodies.

Biocat works to achieve the following goals:

‐ Facilitate relationships and synergies among members of the BioRegion of Catalonia.
‐ Drive the sector to make it an economic engine.
‐ Promote the sector on an international level.
‐ Improve the public's knowledge and perception of biotechnology.

The aim of Biocat is to position the BioRegion of Catalonia as one of the strongest and most collaborative ecosystems in the world of the healthcare and life sciences sector, recognized for its excellence in research, innovation and entrepreneurship.

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Collaborative projects
The collaborative projects bring together at least two transnational partners (academic or industrial) from France, Spain and Portugal.
They aim at setting up innovations in the oncology field.

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